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About Us

If you would like to enquire about representation as an Artist please send your CV/Resume, Headshot, and showreel links to the following address:

We interview all of our Artists prior to signing and typically require additional recorded footage to supplement showreels.

Wavelength Artist Management is a boutique talent management office based in London, U.K. A friendly team with a diverse list of elite global talent, Wavelength exhibits excellence by connecting Artists with opportunities to perform at sea in shipboard production casts and in international resorts. Our Artists are from all over the world. 


Our Artists are Vocalists, Dancers, Singer-Dancers, and/or Circus/Aerial Specialty Acts. We carefully select our Artists and work closely with them to maximise their potential. 

Wavelength was built to represent the performers who wish to build careers at sea, for whom land-focused talent agencies do not often support nor possess the expertise to help artists find regular and new opportunities at sea. Wavelength helps those artists build varied and unforgettable careers, for however long they wish to work at sea. 

Wavelength places the trajectory of the Artist’s career at its heart and utilises a broad knowledge of the international cruise entertainment landscape to find the Artist opportunities that are most fulfilling for them.

Wavelength is a collaborative office and our Artists benefit from working with the experience of the entire team in addition to working with one key Talent Manager best suited to furthering the Artist's career. 

Artists typically rehearse on land in destinations such as Miami, London, or New York City for one to two months. They then travel to global destinations such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Far East Asia, and Australia for varying contract lengths (typically 6-12 months). 


Our books are always open for
exceptional global talent. 


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