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Leading Vocalists

Seeking vocalists with an authentic engagement to contemporary and classic pop/rock vocal styles. Must have excellent storytelling ability and the capabilities to command a stage as a solo performer and seamlessly integrate as part of a company. All leading vocalists must possess the ability to pick-up, execute and retain set choreography and stage blocking. Real dance ability is not necessary but is an advantage. Strong work ethic, positive outlook, and resilience are a must. Instrumental skills and the ability to perform further vocal styles, such as classical and musical theatre, are a plus. All heights, vocal types, and gender-identities are encouraged to apply. 


  • Must have recognised professional training.

  • Must be able to pass a criminal record check and employer’s medical exam, including a five-panel drug screening. 

  • Must possess a passport and be able to obtain travel documents including visas (support provided). 

  • Must be willing to obtain any security and safety certifications required by a potential employer.

  • Must be willing and physically and mentally able to perform internationally and/or live at sea for engagements which can range between 3 and 12 months in length. 


Artists’ submissions which are successful often have the following in common:


  • CV/Resume clearly includes the Artist’s vocal range and type. 

  • Showreel footage is recorded live and is completely unedited. We do not accept videos in which the audio has been altered or the Artist is miming to a prerecorded track. 

  • Showreel footage demonstrates the Artist’s ability to authentically connect and convey a message or story through song as a leading performer. 

  • Vocal choices best complement the Artist’s vocal own range, presence, and ability.

  • Song selections demonstrate the Artist’s understanding of the type of material which appears most often in cruise and theme park productions. Generally, these are of the pop/rock domain and are well-known.

  • The Artist provided a short and personalised introduction video explaining their motivations and goals.


If you would like to submit a request for representation as an Artist please send your CV/resume (including height), headshot, and showreel links to the following address:


We interview all of our Artists prior to signing and typically require additional recorded footage to supplement showreels. Please feel welcome to include any additional information or footage you feel shows you as your best and authentic self.

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